Correction: An earlier version of this story contained a misspelling of Trevor Pelletier’s name. NNSL Media apologizes for the error.

Tattoo artist Trevor Pelletier was away for the holidays when he lost his livelihood.

In early January, in an upscale neighborhood in Edmonton, Trevor Pelletier returned to his car to find the window smashed and $4000 in tattoo equipment missing.  He was visiting the city for the holidays and completing a guest spot at the time.

Pelletier, artist and owner of Cryosphere Tattoos in Kam Lake, says he’s now unable to properly serve his clients while his equipment is missing.

Trevor Pelletier, owner and artist at Cryosphere Tattoos, with his equipment prior to the alleged theft. NNSL file photo

He put up a GoFundMe up to soften the loss and he’s already ordered new machines, “but it definitely is a little bit of a pinch on the pocketbook after Christmas,” he said.

The machines are specific to him and specially ordered from the manufacturer, he said.

Since the loss, he hasn’t notified police but he’s put a message out to his peers notifying them to keep an eye-out for the lost equipment.

In the meantime, he hopes community support will alleviate some of the cost.

“It’s one of those things that just kind of happens. 2020 can only get better from here,” he said.


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  1. Hey, this really sucks to hear. Trevor is an awesome guy and artist!

    Just a note, his last name is Pelletier not Petellier.