Three people were in a four-door vehicle that went off the road and into Back Bay at the city’s public dock Sunday evening.

All -two adults and a child — apparently made it safely back to shore.

MED officers watch as a hook is applied to the vehicle submerged in the water, Sunday night. Simon Whitehouse/NNSL photo

The incident in Old Town involving a navy blue 4X4 Dodge Nitro happened shortly after 8 p.m, according to witnesses. The vehicle was seen being towed away by DJ’s Towing from the Great Slave Yacht Club lot just before 10 p.m.

The City of Yellowknife Municipal Enforcement Division had the public lot – also known as Hank Koenen Park – blocked off from public access for about two hours while the vehicle was being recovered from the bay. Two bylaw officers were on site while the vehicle was recovered.

Two barricade poles on the edge of the dock appeared knocked off their bearings as the result of the accident.

Witnesses watch from the Great Slave Yacht Club shore as the vehicle is pulled from the water. Simon Whitehouse/NNSL photo

Cabin Radio reported earlier in the evening that police were unable to determine how the incident occurred.

At least two parties of witnesses coming out of the yacht club lot told Yellowknifer that a malfunction with the floor mat under the gas pedal occurred while the vehicle was travelling past the Wildcat Cafe on Wiley Road. As a result, the automobile veered out of control, into the public lot and over the edge.

“We were told that the floor mat caught the gas pedal and there were two adults and a child,” said one witness after the event.

A second witness provided the exact same account.

Yellowknifer was unable to reach the RCMP, Sunday evening and could not confirm the cause of the accident or if charges were laid or if anyone was injured.

Haillie Shortt, a server at the Wildcat Cafe said she had not heard or seen the incident but noticed that bylaw officers had much of the route blocked off not long after it happened.

The City of Yellowknife Municipal Enforcement Division had the entrance of the city’s public dock blocked off Sunday evening as the vehicle was submerged in the bay. Simon Whitehouse/NNSL photo

“The whole street was blocked off and my customers noticed it,” she said, adding that the deck was filled with people.

The two bylaw officers on-site referred all media questions to the RCMP.

Kerry Penney, director of communications with the city, confirmed Monday that all occupants of the vehicle were already out by the time first responders arrived.






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