Ptarmicon organizers searching for venue

"Hotel management forgot we existed," say organizers in Facebook post


Ptarmicon, the world’s northernmost nerd culture convention, is looking for a spot to hold its event this year.

Photo from Ptarmicon’s Facebook page.

Organizers were left scrambling after hotel management at Chateau Nova forgot they existed, according to a Facebook post from the event page.

“Yellowknife we need your help!” the post begins.

“The Chateau Nova hotel decided to give away our booked dates for this summer so we will not be hosting our event there. The Explorer is booked (they tried!), and the schools are all closed up over the summer.”

Ptarmicon was held at Chateau Nova last year, marking its sixth year running in Yellowknife.

The convention is taking venue suggestions from the public on the above Facebook post.

We will update this story as we find out more.