No, seniors in Yellowknife aren’t facing a rash of attacks

Ad disguised as phony news story appeared on 


While testing a Google-powered ad program on NNSL Media’s website last week, staff stumbled on an alarming advert disguised as a legitimate news story – one that illustrates how fake news permeates beyond political weapons and presidential buzzwords.

“Yellowknife, NWT: Recent attacks on seniors prompt police to issue public safety alert, urging, older residents to carry new safety device,” read the eye-grabbing headline.

The story – clearly crafted as a targeted ploy to scare seniors into buying a “safety device” – included a bogus retelling of a robbery attempt on a 63-year-old woman as she left “the grocery store,” in Yellowknife, saved only by the advertised device.

An eye-grabbing headline falsely states seniors in Yellowknife are facing a rash of attacks.
NNSL photo.
June 25, 2019.

The ad was quickly removed from

While the click-bait headline and fake news story may seem obvious – and even laughable – to some who are well-versed in tech trickery, less savvy seniors – whose lack of knowledge navigating the online landscape is exploited in the ad – may think otherwise.

That’s prompted Yellowknife RCMP to remind residents to remain vigilant when online.

Look for the full story in Friday’s Yellowknifer.