NEWS BRIEFS: Bear spray released in apartment block


A 32-year-old woman faces several charges after a can of bear spray was released inside a downtown apartment complex Sunday.
After receiving a report of people damaging a window at Crestview Manor apartments around 11:55 a.m., RCMP arrived at the scene where the discovered an empty can of bear spray in front of the building, stated an RCMP news release.

A Crestview Manor resident is escorted back into the apartment building by one of eight Yellowknife Fire Divison personnel who attended the scene Sunday after a can of bar spray was discharged on the complex’s first floor. One person has been charged.
Brendan Burke/NNSL photo

Police determined the spray was discharged in the building’s first floor hallway.

A total of five tenants who came in contact with the fumes, including a mother and her young child, received medical assessments outside of the 52 Avenue building, stated a City of Yellowknife news release.

None were taken to hospital.

Yellowknifer spoke to a resident who said he was awoken by a “commotion,” before being overwhelmed by the effects of the bear spray.

“I couldn’t breathe,” the man said.

Firefighters worked to ventilate the building after the spray was deployed.

Brittany Ann Beaulieu has been charged with assault with a weapon, mischief equal to or under $5,000, uttering threats to property and endangering the comfort of the public, the news release stated.

Another man and a woman, who haven’t been named by police, were also arrested in connection with the incident.

– Brendan Burke


Detour season has begun

There are a total of 16 planned construction projects taking place within the city this summer.


  • Franklin Avenue.
  • Finlayson Drive.
  • Calder Crescent.
  • Lamoureux Road.
  • Engle Business District.
  • Northland Trailer Park.
  • Grace Lake Boulevard.
  • Williams Avenue.
  • Hall Crescent.

Water and sewer work:

  • Dagenais Drive.
  • Franklin Avenue.
  • Trail improvements:
  • Twin Pine Hill trails and viewing deck.

Facility improvements:

  • School Draw parking lot
  • 44 Street intersection ugrades, traffic light installation.
  • Bike park.
  • Solid waste facility.
  • Construction on Franklin Avenue between Norseman Drive to Old Airport Road is scheduled to begin May 27.  Lane reductions in this area will be in place. Traffic delays can be expected.
    – James O’Connor

RCMP investigating washroom fire at Ruth Inch pool

Yellowknife Fire Division and RCMP attended Ruth Inch Memorial Pool Monday after a toilet paper dispenser was set on fire.

Police responded to a call for assistance from city firefighters around 6:45 p.m. RCMP were told the blaze had been contained to one of the washrooms where the dispenser was located, stated an RCMP news release.

The incident occurred during a public swim at the pool.

The RCMP are continuing to investigate, stated the news release.

– Brendan Burke


One person dead from strep throat

One person is dead after being diagnosed with strep throat. The sudden death occurred last week as a result of an invasive form of Group A streptococcus.

“Group A Streptococcus or (GAS) are bacteria commonly found in the throat and on the skin. People can carry these bacteria and have no symptoms of illness,” stated Health and Social Services spokesperson Damien Healy. “Invasive GAS infections are more aggressive and may cause conditions like Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome and necrotizing fasciitis a.k.a. “flesh-eating disease.”

“We are quite confident that anyone who was exposed would have by now been identified and have received antibiotics,” said Healy. “A small number of people met the close contact criteria.”

The public need not be concerned at this time,” he said.

– Michael Hugall


City looks at lot for Habitat for Humanity

The city this week discussed giving a lot to Habitat for Humanity at 26 Spence Rd. for a nominal fee.

The lot was specifically requested by Habitat for Humanity because it has more favourable bedrock conditions than a neighbouring lot.

Coun. Neils Konge asked for additional information on why the specific lot was chosen or if variances would be required.

“I’m not sure these are the right lots that we should be disposing of. The partnership between habitat and the city has been a good one,” said Konge, acknowledging that some of the lots taken up by habitat have been harder to develop.

“I think we owe it to ourselves and to the citizens of Yellowknife to ensure that we’re not handing the best lots that we have off.”

Deputy Mayor Adrian Bell inquired if the lot was suitable to build a standard size modular home.

The city has no shortage of available lots, said Nalini Naidoo, acting senior administrative officer.

“There are quite a few lots still available. That might be something for council to also consider. It’s not like we’re down to the last three lots in the subdivision,” said Naidoo.

– Avery Zingel


A wintery reminder

Yellowknife was hit with four centimetres of snow Tuesday morning.

Environment Canada stated the city saw snowfall from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m..

However the snow quickly melted, as temperatures climbed towards double-digits where they are projected to remain for the rest of the week – even into the 20s.

– Michael Hugall