Never a dull day at the SPCA


Leigh Harris-Carlson jokingly refers to herself as a vet tech, rooster whisperer, cat wrangler and travel agent to the stars.

During a visit to the NWT SPCA on Tuesday, Yellowknifer saw firsthand how many roles she juggles as shelter manager. The shelter is almost always full with puppy litters, adult dogs, cats and more exotic pets, including a rooster named Goose.

Residents may be surprised at how far and wide the animals at the shelter travel. On any given day, there are dogs from most NWT communities. They come for medical treatments, spayings and neuterings, or to find a new home. Around half the dogs go south to shelters or homes, and half stay in the territory.

Harris-Carlson said the shelter is always looking for more volunteers, as well as crates to transport the animals to their next destinations.