LOOKING BACK: Dollar reaches three month high


40 years ago

The Canadian dollar broke the 90 cent mark for the first time in three months this week 40 years ago.

Gold and silver prices were also up. Silver went to $5.14 per ounce from 5.06.

Gold stood at $196.81 per ounce up from $195.52

Other spot metal prices, listed in cents per pound, saw slight decreases. Copper dropped to 64.07 from 64.29; zinc to 27.83 from 28.17 and lead decreased to 26.48 from 27.71.

30 years ago

The Yellowknife airport was one of three sites involved in the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) exercise.

More than 400 Canadian Armed Forces personnel participated in Operation Northern. The exercise was to test the combat readiness and effectiveness of NORAD’s Northern operations in a war.

The exercise would test the effectiveness of the new North Warning System, interception techniques and long range communications.

Six CF-18 interceptors from the 441 Squadron had been redeployed from CFB Cold Lake to Yellowknife as part of the exercise.

Yellowknife’s airport was one of five Forward Operating Locations where aircraft would be based in a war.

NORAD aircraft were also deployed in Inuvik and Iqaluit as part of the exercise. Aircraft from the United States Air Force under NORAD jurisdiction also participated in the exercise.

20 years ago

The Yellowknife Golf Club saw its first hole in one of the season, as one had already been nailed by local golfing veteran Mike Sluggett, on May 14,1998. Sluggett hit his ace on the par 3, eighth hole. The pin was also in the most difficult position at the very back of the green.

10 years ago

Christmas came early to schools in Yellowknife with the announcement that the Arctic Winter Games had donated more than 80 laptops to students.

Laptop computers purchased by the Arctic Winter Games were distributed between the public, Catholic and francophone school boards based upon student population.

YK1 was to receive 43 laptops, YCS 37, and the francophone board received 3.