“Further mediation talks should be scheduled,” says UNW, GNWT mediator


The territorial government and the Union of Northern Workers should head back to the bargaining table, said mediator Vince Ready in a report.

The Union of Northern Workers (UNW) said it received a report today from mediator Vince Ready.

Ready was chosen to assist the Government of the Northwest Territories and the UNW to negotiate a new collective agreement and adjourned mediation nearly three weeks ago after talks stalled.

NNSL photo
Todd Parsons, president of the Union of Northern Workers.

In the report Ready stated “…in my view, further mediation talks should be scheduled between the parties to explore terms of settlement.”

Ready stated he will wait to hear from both parties and then make arrangements for suitable dates.

“As suggested by Mediator Vince Ready, the UNW Negotiator will contact the Mediator to schedule suitable dates for further mediation,” stated UNW President, Todd Parsons in a press release.

The GNWT and the UNW have been negotiating a new collective agreement since January 2016.