The Yellowknife Fire Division was called to put out a vehicle fire near the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Forrest Drive on Saturday afternoon.

Two Yellowknife Fire Division firefighters battle a vehicle fire near the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Forrest Drive, Saturday afternoon.
Simon Whitehouse/NNSL photo

A light-coloured, four-door BMW sports utility vehicle, which appeared to be headed from the downtown toward the intersection, was situated in the left lane and had flames billowing out from under its hood and windshield.

Two firefighters battled the blaze and reported it extinguished just after 2:50 p.m.

A pair of fire engines were on scene as were members of the Yellowknife RCMP.

Municipal enforcement officers briefly directed traffic at the Forrest Drive and Franklin Avenue intersection.

Smoke billows out of the hood and windshield of the BMW SUV as a firefighter extinguishes the source of the blaze.
Simon Whitehouse/NNSL photo

Several onlookers watched from their vehicles in the Yellowknife Tennis Court parking lot as first responders combatted the fire.

Alison Harrower, media spokesperson for the City of Yellowknife stated in an email that the fire division responded to the fire at about 2:25 p.m. at the intersection.

When YKFD arrived at the scene,
the vehicle was on fire with no noted occupants inside,” she stated.

“YKFD extinguished the fire and were on scene for approximately 45 minutes.

“No injuries were  reported or treated.”

Harrower referred to all other questions concerning cause of the fire to the GNWT Office of the Fire Marshal in the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs.

Chucker Dewar, the territory’s fire marshal said it appeared that the fire started in the driver console and engine compartment area, but the GNWT didn’t investigate and didn’t attend the scene.

“We don’t investigate a vehicle fire when the fire starts underneath the dash,” he explained. “There are electrical wires and flammable liquids. Unless there is an indication of arson or the RCMP requires an investigation for a criminal reason, then we would provide assistance in that regard.”


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