UPDATE : Students back at J.H. Sissons school


Students at J.H. Sissons School are back in the classroom Tuesday morning after a boiler backdraft on Monday caused an evacuation.

The smell, which Yk1 Superintendent Metro Huculak said came following the boiler was serviced on Friday was caused by a faulty nozzle. Huculak explained the nozzle allowed an overwhelming amount of diesel fuel to spill into the furnace.

Students are back inside J.H. Sissons school after an evacuation Monday morning. / NNSL photo

Approximately 327 students are enrolled at the school but Yk1 spokesperson Mike Gibbins said not all may have been present at the time of the evacuation. Air purification tests were called at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning and finished at night.

The incident comes at a time where the school board has developed plans to build a new school in place of J.H. Sissons

“The new school is still about two years away,” said Huculak. “Even so, you can’t protect against something like this… I praise our staff and bus system for doing the best job they could while keeping the interest of our students a priority.”

The total cost of the damage has not been determined.