Dan’s Place to close at Centre Square Mall


Dan’s Place is closing at Centre Square Mall after stress from slow business and what the owner thinks is a critical illness has forced him to close up shop.

Dan Hayward has been at his shop in Centre Square Mall for the past two years, moving from his original store on 48th street next to the old Royal Canadian Legion Branch 164.

Hayward is currently in Edmonton receiving treatment for what he believes to be a critical illness. He was medevac’d to Edmonton last week for further tests after experiencing from chronic nosebleeds.

While in Edmonton Hayward said the doctor has given him “chemo-pills.”

Dan Hayward, left and Nancy Hayward stand inside Dan’s place in February, 2014. NNSL photo

A final decision will be made on what to do with the current space on the top level of the mall when Hayward returns from Edmonton on May 24. Hayward has been in business in Yellowknife for 30-years.

He said added stress from slow business and other factors have taken a toll on him.

“This whole process obviously takes its own time and it has taken a toll on me but it’s always been a pleasure serving my customers… Yellowknifers are the best people in the world,” said Hayward via phone on Tuesday. “

In his absence, Dan’s wife Nancy is planning to keep the family name in the mall with a new restaurant. Nancy is planning on opening Nancy’s Place which sells crepes, hot-dogs and milkshakes.

Dan said he has no plans on re-opening Dan’s Place but will help his wife with Nancy’s place from time-to-time.