The Yellowknife Bella Dance Academy dance troupe’s months of hard work will be on stage for all to see next week for An Evening of Dance.

Styles including jazz, contemporary, tap, ballet, hip-hop and Bollywood will be performed at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre (NACC) on Feb. 28.

“These dancers worked super hard. They started some of these pieces in September and some they’ve only just finished in the last few weeks,” said Phoenix Smith, studio director of Bella Dance Academy. “For the most part they dance and rehearse these between four and 14 hours a week.”

The show features the dance troupes with 23 performers from ages eight to 18. It’s also the season debut of the academy’s 10-year-old performer Shaeden Wah Shee-Letts, who will showcase his tap dance routine.

“Although Bella Beats was created in 2011, Shaeden is the first male to be accepted onto the high performance team. We are extremely excited about having him perform as a team member.”

“He really loves dance and I think he’s excited to get up on stage and perform a solo,” said Smith.

Some dancers are in their grade 12 year and will be appearing for their final performance at the NACC.

“This is a chance for this group to showcase what they can do. When they’re at Somba K’e park or the snow castle you get to see what they can do, but here they’re on the stage in all their glory,” said Smith.

The dances themselves have been choreographed by teachers and the students themselves. Some performances are adapted from dances the troupes learned in California.

“I am always so proud of them. They’ve really stepped it up to perform and their passion comes through not only in the pieces but backstage,” said Smith.

“They’re working as a team to create the energy that’s needed on stage.”


Avery Zingel

Avery Zingel is a reporter and photographer in Yellowknife, regularly covering environment, health and territorial politics. Avery is a graduate of the Carleton University School of Journalism and Political...

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