All Yellowknife playgrounds closed as COVID safety measure


The City of Yellowknife has closed all City playgrounds effective Thursday afternoon following the advice of chief public health officer Kami Kandola.

“Because of the duration of (COVID-19) on metals, it would be wise to avoid the playground, especially with children who don’t always wash their hands before touching their face,” Kandola said on CBC radio on Thursday morning.

The closure applies to all City playgrounds and parks with playgrounds including:

·         Borealis Park
·         Demelt Crescent Park
·         Doornbos Park
·         Forrest Drive Park
·         Hordal/Bagon Park
·         Josephine Walcer Park
·         Lamoureux Park
·         Latham Island Park
·         Lakeshore Park
·         Magrum Park
·         McNiven Beach Park
·         Moyle Park
·         Parker Park
·         School Draw Park
·         Somba K’e Park
·         Stirling Park

Outdoor rinks and trails will remain open and will be maintained by City staff.


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