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Jan Vallillee



Name:Jan Vallillee

Age: 53

Work experience: I have had more than 30 years in public service of which the last 21 I was working at Stanton Territorial Hospital in the IT field. I’ve also worked 12 years as president of NWT Broomball over two separate decades (1990s), then 2002/3 to 2012/13. This position was strictly voluntary.

Family Status: Single.

Why are you running? So many Northerners have witnessed MLAs vote against their constituents’ wishes. That’s not democracy. I’ve heard consistently that we need a more gender-balanced, transparent legislature. Residents are tiring of the same ol’ and discouraged at the lack of cooperation between members. They are tired of watching their member sit on a fence rather than making decisions. This is a consistent message I’m hearing from all residents, not just Yk North. I’ve always been a very successful team player, so intend to bring this skill set to the Leg.

This can’t change overnight, but I hope to be one part of a larger piece to drive change so our government operates more democratically, cooperatively with all levels of government, more efficiently, and is far more transparent.

I selected Yellowknife North because I grew up, and continue to enjoy, weekends and summers along the Ingraham Trail in my second home. It’s a place I go to decompress and ground myself.

I’m dedicated to improve inefficiencies in our bureaucratic system for all residents, businesses and industries. The government needs to make different choices with tax payer funds and start ensuring people are our priority. I’m fully cognizant that industry plays an incredibly important and necessary economic role in the NWT. That being said, we cannot lose sight that it is our people who are our most important resource.

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