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Team of softball destiny in Rankin

Team New Era pulled off a quarter-final comeback for the ages on its way to the recent 2019 Calm Air Cup mixed softball championship in Rankin Inlet. The New Era trailed the Senators by five...
Softball instructor Bryan Sask, left, teaches Keene Woodcock how to properly hold a bat during a softball clinic in Inuvik on June 9. Sask and NWT Softball executive director Paul Gard were in town from June 8 to 9, where they introduced youth to the basic fundamentals of the game. Aaron Hemens/NNSL photo

Softball clinic a home run for Inuvik youth

A softball clinic for Inuvik youth was hosted from June 8 to 9, where more than 50 kids came out to learn about the basic fundamentals of the game. Paul Gard, the executive director of...

Inuvik Minor Softball League to start up after hiatus

A group of Inuvik parents are re-starting the minor softball league after being on hiatus for a few years. "We thought we would stop complaining and start organizing," said Janelle Glemser, president of the new...