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Sanaa Doherty, left, and her dad, Shaun Doherty, cross the finish line together in the 3-km family fun run portion of the Fun Run/Walk Challenge's second event at Somba K'e Park on June 30. photo courtesy of Cameron Twa

New Yellowknife running series proves popular

If you're a marathoner, you train to be able to run 42.2-km. If you're a recreational runner, you train to be able to run a short race of, say, 5-km. Problem is there aren't that...
Letter writer Paul Falvo is critical of a Yellowknifer headline that referred to former inmates as "cons."

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Labeling people ‘con’ stigmatizes them

Dear editor, Your headline “Jobs for cons” (Yellowknifer, April 24) illustrates the problem. If we label people as “cons” how will they get jobs? If they can’t get legitimate jobs, what do we expect them...