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City granted federal funding for aging water line

A long-awaited federal decision on the city’s aging water intake line was made this week as the Government of Canada announced $26 million in funding, Wednesday. Bernadette Jordan, federal minister of Rural Economic Development was in Yellowknife to announce $25.8 million toward the water pipeline to replace the city’s current aging pipe between the Yellowknife...
From the left, Snowking (Anthoiny Foliot), Mayor Rebecca Alty, MP Micheal McLeod and owner of Jackpine Paddle Adam Wong gather at the Visitor's Centre to announce $250,000 in funding toward three tourism initiatives in Yellowknife. Brett McGarry / NNSL Photo

CanNor gives $250,000 to three tourism initiatives in Yellowknife

MP Micheal McLeod announced on Feb. 14 that Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) will be providing funding to the tune of $250,000 to three tourism initiatives based in Yellowknife. The funding will go to the city for digital interactive “wayfinding” maps in Yellowknife, Snowking’s Winter Festival and Jackpine Paddle, a Yellowknife based adventure tourism...