Our Beautiful North Winner: June 6th, 2019


We want to see how you capture beauty in your community! Send us your contest entries to the staging-nnslnews.kinsta.cloud Facebook Page via Facebook Messenger, or to nnslweb@nnsl.com for your chance to win $100.00 – every week!

Winner: Cas Sandre

Sachs Harbour, NT

“Photo was taken in Sachs Harbour, NT”

Honorable Mention: Patrick Stock

Fort Smith, NT

“Local pelicans in Fort Smith by the Rapids of the Drowned”

Honorable Mention: Caroline Jane

Tuktoyaktuk, NT

“Travelling home to Tuktoyaktuk from Husky Lakes. The beautiful Sun setting.”

Honorable Mention: Joachim Bonnetrouge

Fort Providence , NT

“Near Horn River, by Nduh Leleah (2 islands tied together),30 miles downriver from Fort Providence.”

Honorable Mention: Hannah Lee Pingo Lucas

Tuktoyaktuk, NT

“With the Pingos while goose plucking, the photo was taken in Tuktoyaktuk, NT.”


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