Vendors are critical to the community


Andy and Rania Crowther took Bon Cafe with them as they left for Calgary earlier this week. Not only is their departure a huge blow to the Arctic Market, but it’s a great loss for the community.

Bon Cafe was more than just a coffee shop. It added variety and flare to the Arctic Market scene, thanks to their wide assortment of espressos, lattes and pastries. At their final Arctic Market event, hundreds of people were lining up to buy a drink from them. Their items were cheap and affordable, where all beverages cost no more than $5. More importantly, their entire image was different. It added colour to the community, for it was the closest that Inuvik had to a Starbucks.

The loss of Bon Cafe cannot be understated. Although it’s just one of several other vendors, the cafe offered their own unique voice to the conversation. And now it’s gone. Gone are the days of $5 lattes and espressos. Its departure will be felt by many throughout Inuvik.  That in itself is a testament of how important vendors are to the community. It proves that they’re more than just money-driven residents. They bring people together and they give them something to look forward to almost every weekend.

Aaron Hemens is the editor of the Inuvik Drum.
Aaron Hemens is the editor of the Inuvik Drum.

To visit the Arctic Market is to celebrate all that Inuvik has to offer. It is here where you discover different the cultures and people that call Inuvik their home. It’s a window into foreign worlds and practices that are unknown to many. The Market allows you to escape your worries for just a little while and explore a different side of Inuvik.

Vendors come out to these events in hopes of making some profit, but they also do it to share their worlds with us. They throw this kind of spice into our lives that we didn’t know we needed until we get it. With little to no other businesses in town that provide similar services or products that vendors have to offer, we should not take their efforts and their presence for granted.

It may be awhile before we see another cafe vendor set up shop in town. But there’s also a chance that we might not even have one at all. So with that being said, it’s important to take the time to appreciate and thank the vendors that we do have who come out to the Arctic Market on a consistent basis. As the old saying goes: you never know what you have until it’s gone.


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