LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Just a thought on pipeline protest


From: Jim Lynn, Yellowknife

Dear editor,

A couple of weeks ago there was a story of people out on Great Slave Lake supporting the blocking of the pipeline in B.C., which is fine and legitimate. I wonder if any thought was given to the fact that they indeed were standing on the pipeline which transports fuel, and heating oil to heat heat the homes, clinics, band offices, and grocery stores, etc.

Did they think about the livelihoods of the people who make their living on the land, fishing and hunting and how they would operate their boats and snow machines? How would the families in Lutsel K’e, Fort Reliance and the communities along the Mackenzie feel if the barges (also subject to leaks or going aground) were barred from receiving their shipments. Like I said, just another viewpoint, another way of looking at things. Lets work together as Canadians to protect and care for the sacredness of our country and still find means to get the products we all use and need to be shared by all.


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