Living the solution


For this week’s special edition, I was tasked with profiling three different organizations who will be participating in the town’s Arctic Development Expo from June 10 to 12.

I had interesting conversations with representatives from three different organizations: Green Sun Rising, Arctic Energy Alliance and the Gwich’in Development Corporation.

I learned about the various services and businesses that each organization was involved with, and I was especially pleased to hear the various green energy initiatives and projects they were engaging in.

The discussion that stuck out to me the most was the one that I had with Klaus Dohring, the president and CEO of Green Sun Rising.

In addition to sharing all the green energy projects that his organization was involved in, he also shared with me how about he has taken a number of steps in his own life to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

His house is powered by a solar-thermal system and his wife has been driving an electric car for the past seven years. He’s also an avid tree planter who rides his bike to work everyday.

“We try to live it and be part of the solution. Live the lifestyle of the solution, and don’t dwell on the problem too much,” he told me. “Other people are dwelling on the problem, but we don’t need that anymore.”

Dohring’s comments made me realize that in our everyday discussions, we spend far too much time talking about the many environmental issues that are plaguing our planet instead of actually coming up with practical solutions to those problems.

Aaron Hemens is the editor of the Inuvik Drum.
Aaron Hemens is the editor of the Inuvik Drum.

Here in Inuvik, I have witnessed a number of community members who do engage in environmentally friendly practices on a daily basis. For many, walking is their means of transportation and there’s also been a visible increase in those who refrain from buying plastic. Let’s not forget the Climate Action Inuvik group that has been fighting for a plastic free town for around three months now.

But rarely does this garner any discussion or attention. The majority of the focus is – and always has been – on what we aren’t doing instead of what we are doing.

So I challenge myself, residents and readers to follow in Dohring’s footsteps and try to live the solution. If everyone can do their part and contribute some sort of environmentally-friendly practice to the discussion, maybe then our climate issues won’t seem so ominous and powerful.

The fate of the planet rests in our hands. There isn’t much time left to reverse the current climate change trends that we’re living in, but there is time remaining nonetheless.

We can either sit back and fuss over the issues that we’ve created, or we can take the necessary steps to address them.


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