NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is asking Premier Cochrane to back his party’s national pharmacare plan.

In a series of letters sent on Thursday to each of Canada’s premiers, Singh aimed to secure the provincial and territorial support needed to push the program forward. 

The policy would halt drug price increases, and “free up significant room in future provincial health budgets,” the letter states.

In December, when Cochrane attended her first minister’s meeting she appeared open to the plan, but left room to support other jurisdiction aiming to opt-out.

At that meeting, other premiers expressed interest in more healthcare funding, as opposed to the drug plan, a version of which has also been proposed by the Liberal Party.

Cochrane, meanwhile, was receptive to any federal assistance on the table. 

“We need whatever resources we can get within the Northwest Territories. I’m open to whatever package they’re willing to give us,”  she said at the time. 

Northern News Services has requested comment from the Premier’s office.


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