RCMP intercepted more than 100 bottles of liquor bound for Whati in recent seizures

Bootlegging busts 'significant' for small community, say police


More than one hundred bottles of liquor bound for the community of Whati were recently intercepted by RCMP.

Mounties seized 50 bottles of liquor headed into the community, where alcohol is prohibited under the NWT Liquor Act, on Aug. 10, states a news release issued by RCMP on Friday.

The seizure followed another bootlegging bust on July 22, when Whati RCMP intercepted 54 bottles of liquor en route to the community, according to the news release.

For a community of just 500 people, where tackling substance abuse “remains a top priority” for police, the pair of seizures are “significant,” states Sgt. Ken Beard.

“The illegal sale of alcohol is targeting their most vulnerable citizens, and this seizure helps in reducing the harm caused by illegal alcohol in the community,” added Beard.

Police say they hope to lay charges under the NWT Liquor Control Act once the ongoing  investigation is complete.


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