Noting that times are tough for many community groups these days, the Inuvik Food Bank included, two locals have joined forces to build support for those in need.

Barbara Sulz and Cheryl Zaw are proposing an Inuvik Food Drive, a one-day event before summer ends to drum up as much food as possible for the food bank, which has undergone a series of belt-tightening manoeuvres to stay in operation over the last year.

Perhaps the most notable one was the switch to charging users of the food bank $10 for a box worth $40, instead of giving away the food for free. At the time of the decision, Inuvik Food Bank representatives said it was the only way the organization could continue to survive.

Sulz said she has hosted a similar event before and wants to replicate it in Inuvik, harnessing the community’s power to fill the food bank’s shelves.

She would also like to help out the John Wayne Kiktorak Centre and, ideally, make the food drive more than a one-off if support is there.

“I know this community needs the help,” said Sulz, who met with Zaw in Jim Koe Park to formulate plans.

Zaw, executive director of the Inuvik Youth Centre, plans to involve her young army.

“One of our goals is for youth to be contributing members of the community, to learn how to get involved and to really connect with giving back,” she said. “This is a great match for that.”

The plan so far is to advertise a day to hold the food drive, have youth spread the word beforehand so people can get food together, and then drive around town picking up the goods and delivering them, perhaps with a feast and music at the end.

Exact plans are still up in the air, as the group only just formed. Anyone interested in helping is encouraged to check out the Facebook group Inuvik Food Drive or contact Sulz at 867-620-0084.

“This is the premier event, but I hope it would go on,” said Zaw.