Community members in Aklavik are invited to attend an open two-day workshop hosted by the Gwich’in Renewable Resources Board Sept. 20-21.

Abby Amos, Morgan Wolki and Shelby Lucas pick cotton flowers during a summer day camp in Sachs Harbour.
photo courtesy of Doreen Carpenter

The workshop will be discussing research priorities and strategic planning, with the GRRB looking to update its strategic plan and research priorities for the next five years.

“We’re inviting our partners and our renewable resource councils, which we work really closely with in the communities,” said Amy Amos, executive director of the GRRB.

“We’re hoping there are going to be quite a few people there to help provide advice to the board when they’re making decisions on their strategic vision for the next five years.”

The meeting will be open to everyone.


Five from Beaufort Delta in Students on Ice

Beaufort Delta

Five youth from the region are taking part in the 2017 Arctic Expedition through the annual Students on Ice program.

The trip begins Aug. 8 with orientation in Ottawa, before the 120-plus youth and staff fly to Resolute Bay to set sail through the Canadian High Arctic.

The ship will cross the Davis Strait to discover the western coast of Greenland, ending its expedition in Kangerlussuaq.

Joining the trip this year are Topsy Banksland from Ulukhaktok, Jessi Pascal from Aklavik, Jasmine Keogak from Sachs Harbour, Allysa Felix from Tuktoyaktuk and Carmen Kuptana from Tuktoyaktuk.


30th anniversary for most northern nine-hole golf course


Men and women in Ulukhaktok competed in the 30th anniversary of the Billy Joss Open golf tournament on the July 21 weekend.

Curtis Banksland won the men’s division, narrowly prevailing over Andrew Joss.

Louise Nigiyok won the women’s division, while Peter Okheena won the master’s and Kolten Inuktalik finished with a 162-stroke total after three rounds to win the youth division.

Full results:


Third Place: Gary Okheena (39+38+38 = 115)

Second Place: Andrew Joss (37+36+39 = 112)

First Place: Curtis Banksland (34+39+37 = 110)


Third Place: Margaret Akoaksion (60+54+53 = 167)

Second Place: Jane Okheena (57+50+57 = 164)

First Place: Louise Nigiyok (54+56+52 = 162)


Third Place: Joshua Oliktoak (45+48+46 = 139)

Second Place: Colin Okheena (45+45+44 = 134)

First Place: Peter Okheena (45+43+42 = 130)


Third Place: Maegen Klengenberg (85+88+87 = 260)

Second Place: Sydone Okheena (90+80+87 = 257)

First Place: Kolten Inuktalik (59+49+54 = 162)

Source: Inuvialuit Regional Corporation