A MOUNTAIN VIEW: Second thoughts


Friends, it may not seem like it, but drug and alcohol abuse is all about second thoughts.

What with the new allowances making marijuana legal, for instance, this does not mean that anything goes.

In fact, we should take warning from those of News/North columnist Roy Erasmus, who recently pointed to the lessening of motor skills, when drugs are involved.

I do know that there have been times in the past, when the drivers while high – out staking lines for drilling – could have easily caused serious accidents for our crew.

Now over twenty-five years ago, when I still had a lethal drinking problem, I also had to make a choice, to quite completely, or die.

We humans like to think we are in control, even when all of the evidence, out of a job, or being homeless, point in the other direction.

False pride also has a lot to do with it, coupled with denial.

If you have a family to consider, you still have to use the second, sober thinking.

It all involves not only yourself, but other people around you.

On top of it all, there are the additional expenses involved, with thigh costs, social and otherwise, to consider.

As our southern Navajo, the Dineh say, in life you need to do only the things which will be good for you.

Nowadays, as a fourth year PhD student I can always count on the fact that tomorrow is for sure going to be another sober and drug-free day for me.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that drugs and alcohol are very cunning and dangerous substances, to be avoided.

Even over all of this time I won’t make it a point to even step into a bar, period. Something bad happens to your spirit around certain elements, which you have to watch out for.

I started my post-secondary education over 10 years ago, to help inspire the youth and have to continue doing all I can to let them see what is possible, with sobriety.

Mahsi, thank you.