Iglulik artist puts pieces back together after vandals damage Sedna ‘masterpiece’

Over a two-year period, Bart Hanna spent many days creating and refining the details of his Sedna carving in his Iglulik workshop, only to find his artwork shattered on the floor one day in May. “They demolished my masterpiece,” said a disconsolate Hanna. “I’m trying to put it back, find the pieces and put it...
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Derek Neary
Derek Neary has been reporting on developments in the North for 18 years. When he's not writing for Nunavut News, he's working on Northern News Services' special publications such as Opportunities North, NWT & Nunavut Mining, Construction and Degrees of Success. Derek's passion lies in human interest stories and he's indebted to those who share their struggles and triumphs. Derek has won more than a dozen journalism awards and has a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of King's College.