Official search for missing boater ends in Baker Lake


The search-and-rescue (SAR) effort for Solomon (Sala and Sala hockey) Tulurialik, 29, has ended in Baker Lake.

Tulurialik went missing while out boating with his son and stepson about five kilometers from the community on July 31.

Tulurialik ran out of fuel and is believed to have decided to swim to shore to retrieve more, but never made it to the shoreline. The two young boys were returned safely to the community.

A final post of information regarding the search effort was provided to social media by Karen Yip on behalf of the Hamlet of Baker Lake, in collaboration with BLSAR and the Baker Lake RCMP on Aug. 13.

On the final post Yip wrote after 13 days of intensive searching, the RCMP, in consultation with the family, have made the difficult decision to officially conclude the Search for Sala.

She wrote it was clear that people are welcome to continue to search, but the RCMP co-ordinated search is being terminated at the end of today. There are boats on the water at this time with a very large net, searching and dragging until dark.

“During the past 13 days, there have been more than 416 teams searching the water and the shoreline, as well as underwater cameras, four aerial drones, a helicopter, sonars and more being employed,” posted Yip.

“Experts have been consulted from as far as New Hampshire, Washington and the prairie provinces. The Hutterite Emergency Aquatic Response Team (HEART) came from Manitoba and searched 22 additional areas utilizing their underwater drone. They worked tirelessly and covered a large area of the lake.

“A huge thank you to all involved, including the RCMP, Cpl. Ben Comley, SAR, Richard Aksawnee and the command centre co-ordinators, as well as all individuals and organizations, captains, mates, spotters, ATV searchers and passengers, HEART, Pulaarvik, mental health, the Prayer Warriors, our MLA, mayor, pastors, elders, people from other communities and and provinces and more.

“We know that everyone contributed in whatever way they could.”

Richard Aksawnee also posted to social media on behalf of the Qamani’tuaq Qiniqtiit, sending their sincere condolences to Sala hockey’s family and friends.

He wrote a thank you to everyone who was involved with the search, helping in any way they could, from the people who were making sure there was gasoline, to the cooks, radio operators, and people who opened their cabins during rainy days, to people at the tent for food and gas, the RCMP, businesses that donated supplies and Manitoba’s HEART.

“Thank you to people all over the region and, last but not least, the community of Baker Lake for your support and prayers,” posted Aksawnee.

“I don’t want anyone to go unnoticed for their love and support.

“Thank you seems so small.”


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