Voters in Ulukhaktok elected a new board of education, board of directors, council and voted to replace the current liquor restriction system with a new one after 62 votes were cast in favour to 39 against in a Dec. 9 election held in hamlets throughout the Beaufort Delta.

In the same wave of votes, Fort McPherson voters elected to seek a $1.5 million loan to for improvements to their community arena, as well as electing councillors.

Under the new rules in Ulukhaktok, possessing more than one of four combinations within two kilometres of the Ulukhaktok Hamlet office is prohibited, and only one of the four combinations may be brought into the hamlet every seven days.

The combinations are: 1) 200 millitires of spirits and a dozen 355 ml cans of beer. 2) 200 ml of spirits and two litres of wine. 3) A dozen cans of beer and two bottles of wine or 4) Twenty four cans of beer and 100 ml of spirits.

Elected to council were Sarah Kuptana with 66 votes, Kimberly Joss with 62 votes, Denise Okheena with 61 votes, Mary K. Okheeena with 53 votes and Delma Klengenberg for a one-year term with 51 votes.

Elected to the Ulukhaktok District Education Authority was Adele Alonak with 80 votes, April Olifie with 77 votes, Mary Jane Nigiyok with 75 votes and Lillian Kanayok with 69 votes.

Elected to the Ulukhalktok Community Corporation Board of Directors was Gilberte Olifi with 73 votes, Sarah Kallak with 69 votes and Adele Alonak with 49 votes.

Tetlit’zheh /Fort McPherson elects councillors and passes new borrowing bylaw

Residents of Fort McPherson have passed a borrowing bylaw and elected four councillors following a Dec. 9 election.

A new borrowing bylaw passed with 89 votes for and 13 against. The bylaw will allow council to seek a $1.5 million loan for upgrades to the community arena.

Elected to two year terms were Marion Koe with 87 votes, Ruby McDonald with 83 votes, Delores Vittrekwa with 73 votes and Dennis Wright with 63 votes.

Tuktoyaktuk Community Corporation elects elders, directors. Hamlet acclaims Mayor and Council

Erwin Elias was acclaimed as Mayor of Tuktoyaktuk with no opposition, along with councillors Jeannie Gruben, Georgina Jacobson-Masuzumi, Joe Nasogaluak , James Pokiak and Sr. Dennis Raddi. One councillor will sit a one-year term because of a previous councillor ineligibility, but that will be determined in the new year.

For the board of directors, Annie Felix was elected with 104 votes, followed by Nellie Cournoyea with 89 votes and Dennis Raddi with 85 votes.

For the Elders Committee, Lucy Cockney was elected for a two-year term with 111 votes, followed by Jean Gruben with 93 votes and Cagtherine Katigagyok with 64 voters.

Sachs Harbour elects Anikina as Mayor

Norman Anikina has been elected Mayor of Sachs Harbour with 25 votes, beating out Kyle Wolki who garnered 12 votes.

Elected to council were Sharan Green with 30 votes, Donna Keogak with 27 votes and Angella Keogak with 25 votes. Wayne Gully was elected with 24 votes and Shelby Lucas with 16 votes, but both with only sit for one year due to a councillor resignation earlier in the session. Anikina will be Mayor for one year because of a mayoral appointment made following the death of Mayor Floyd Lennie early in his term.

Charlie wins mayoral race in Aklavik

Elections were also held in Aklavik. Andrew Charlie was elected Mayor of Aklavik with 137 votes to Robert Buckle’s 108. Elected to two-term council seats were Dave McLeod with 164 votes, Don D.Storr with 131 votes, Edwin “Eddie” Greenland with 126 votes and William “Billy” Storr with 125 votes.

All terms run from Monday, January 6, 2020 to Tuesday, January 4, 2022 unless otherwise noted.


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