An Ulukhaktok-born man has been put on probation after pleading guilty to assaulting his spouse after court learned he had voluntarily sought out counselling.

In Inuvik Territorial Court Nov. 3 the man, who will not be named because this is his first conviction, pleaded guilty to assault. Judge Robert Gorin placed the man on six months probation and fined him $100.

“I’ve been doing really well with my counselling sessions. I’m expected to go back to work in a couple weeks,” said the man in his defence. “I’m really sorry for the incident and I’m taking responsibility for my actions.”

Crown prosecutor Andreas Kuntz told court that on June 4, at 9:30 a.m. the defendant was sleeping on the couch at his girlfriend’s home after a night of drinking. Court heard the man’s girlfriend had safety concerns and left her cell phone with her children in their bedroom, telling them to call the RCMP if she called for help.

When the man awoke, an argument ensued. He began to walk towards the bedroom and his girlfriend tried to stop him. He threw her onto the ground, breaking her glasses. She continued to try and hold the man as he took the cell phone and threw it onto the floor. He then damaged the landline phone and left.

After the incident, police took statements from the family and managed to contact the man. Police arranged to meet him at a location and arrested him without incident.

Kuntz said that since the incident the man had expressed remorse and has voluntarily taken counselling sessions.

“There’s no evidence of bad character in his past,” said Kuntz. “But it’s concerning that before the offence was committed that (the woman) handed her phone to her kids.

“I’m satisfied that not only is he taking responsibility, but is also taking steps to address the issues that lead to this incident.”

Duty counsel Baljindar Rattan verified the man was attending counselling.

“I can tell you’re deeply ashamed. That’s been clear from the onset,” said Gorin in his judgment. “What impresses me the most is the fact you’re seeking counselling.

“You’ve done it on your own. You should be commended for that.”


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