Const. Stephanie Leduc’s colouring contest was meant to draw out the best in Inuvik’s youth, but even she didn’t expect it to work out as well as it did.

Nevaeh Lindsay-Manuel’s drawing for the Inuvik RCMP’s colouring contest that got her name in the lucky draw.

After drawing Nevaeh Lindsay-Manuel’s name out of a hat of 36 entries, the RCMP contacted her family so she could come pick up her prize, a new bike donated by Northmart. However, when she arrived she blew everyone away by giving her new prize to her younger brother.

“It’s nice to do and it made me really happy,” said Nevaeh. “We’re going to bike all over town and visit friends this summer.”

Iziah and Nevaeh Lindsay-Manuel show off their new bikes. Nevaeh won a bike after winning the draw for the Inuvik RCMP’s colouring contest but gave it to her brother.

Leduc said she was floored by Nevaeh’s generosity and decided to throw in new helmets for the kids.

“The outcome to this colouring contest was amazing,” said Leduc. “When she told me she had a bike that worked at home I told her we would make sure she and her brother would have new helmets to make sure they were safe. She was so happy picking her helmet then helping her brother pick his.

“She demonstrated the most purest form of kindness. She didn’t just make her brother’s day, she put smiles on the faces of every employee in the store.”

But the generosity of the day wasn’t over yet. Leduc said after she returned to the detachment and told her fellow officers what had happened, detachment commander Sgt. Grant Thom stepped out of his office and announced he was going to buy Nevaeh a bike of her own.

Nevaeh Lindsay-Manuel and Inuvik RCMP Sgt. Grant Thom with a bike Thom purchased for Nevaeh after learning she donated her prize to her brother.

“You could see the genuine love she had for her little brother,” said Thom. “She put her brother before herself unselfishly. Her mom has done an awesome job raising her. As adults, we have an obligation to plant the future seeds for our youth if we are to survive. We have to look no further than a child’s heart for the truth.

“I was honoured to ensure a gift did not go unnoticed.”


Eric Bowling

A lover of knowledge and adventure, Eric Bowling jumped at the opportunity to write for the Inuvik Drum and to see the world from a totally different vantage point. He has covered just about everything...

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  1. well done Cst. Stephanie Leduc and Sgt. Grant Thom, always amazing to see the community leaders step up and do what they do unselfishly, thank you

  2. Thank you to the journalist that decided to report this act of love. At this time we are buried by so many negative events that it is heartwarming to read about the good that still lives in our families and communities. Don’t get me wrong all the stories need to be told however to find this gem in the dark sky we are living with today is a breath of fresh air and a rainbow in our skies. Than you again for the hope