Alex Testart-Campbell looks down the barrel of the curling ring as she launches a rock. Every weekend, both U12 and U16 curlers come out to show off their skills.

Youth at the Inuvik Curling Centre are rocking into the New Year, with the centre’s One on One Curling Challenge kicking off Dec. 5 and potentially continuing all the way into February. Played every Saturday, the weekend games are divided into two events, one for U15 curlers and the other for U12 curlers. The challenge is part of ongoing efforts by the centre to draw more interest in the sport among Inuvik’s youth.

Tyra Bain has a poker face as she throws a rock during a game. Each weekend is a playoff between teams based on ranking from the week before.
John Voudrach prepares to let his rock fly after a throw. Athletes get plenty of reps and helpful feedback from coaching staff during the weekend competitions.
Kailene Pettersen works to keep her rock steady as she focuses on sweeping, keeping up with the throw and regulating its speed. Players are getting as much end-time as the club can provide.
Kolsen Church has the stance down as he slides down the ice. Both U15 and U12 players complete a set of games each weekend.
Mason MacNeil holds steady as he prepares to throw a rock. With only one sweeper allowed on the ice at a time, skips have to adjust their strategies to play the game.
Tamara Bain is eyes forward as she prepares to throw a rock during a game. Youth square off every Saturday to practice their skills and challenge each other.

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