GoFundMe set up to assist Inuvik in combating COVID-19 crisis

Members of 'Caremongering Inuvik' hope to use the funds to help people unable to access services

A screenshot of the GoFundMe page set up to assist Inuvik in the COVID-19 crisis.

Residents of Inuvik and beyond who would like to help their neighbours now have a means to donate to the grassroots relief fund.

Organized by Mike Lee and Jonathon Michel through the Facebook group ‘Caremongering Inuvik’, the Inuvik Relief Support Fund GoFundMe page is intended to fill the gaps in other services.

I am discussing with a few other partners as to how best to distribute the funds,” said Lee. “Ideally, it would help anyone in need for food, supplies or things of that nature. I am aware of the different charitable organizations in town that are doing their best and helping the community, I want to possibly bridge that gap, by helping those that may not be eligible for assistance. When things clear up – and to be honest, I don’t think anyone has any idea when that may be – all the remaining funds would be donated to the local charities in town which could be the food bank, or the Inuvik Youth Centre or something like that.”

Lee said the group was still determining the best way to distribute the funds to the people who will need them, but said the idea of gift cards had been thrown around.

He added setting up the GoFundMe page seemed like a logical next step for the burgeoning group.

“I think the simplest idea of ‘raising money’ is always present. It’s just that we often don’t know how to go about it, or we feel it’s too daunting to do,” he said. ” It seemed like the next step after Caremongers was created. Everyone is looking to help out, everyone is willing to go out for others to help the community. So it seemed only natural to start a campaign.

I just want to help out where I can, in whatever way I can. And if it’s setting up a campaign and putting some money in, that’s the least I can do.”

Donations can be made from $1 and up.

“Even the smallest amount of money can help. I know times are hard, and most likely it will get a bit harder over the next little while, which is all the more reason to help out where we can,” said Lee. “I’d say if you can spare just $1, then that’s a start. If you can do $5, even better. The choice is yours. But please don’t ‘skip’ this opportunity just because you feel $1 or $2 isn’t enough. Anything is enough.

“I’d collect pennies if that was still a thing.”

Visit the GoFundMe here.


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