Construction of Delta Bible Camp complete

Youth will be able to head out to the camp in July 2020


The construction for the First Bible Baptist Church’s youth summer camp, the “Delta Bible Camp”, was completed earlier in June, 12 years after the camp’s original foundation had been set.

Everything was there waiting to go. The energy was there, so I said we might as well go and do it,” said pastor Reilly Featherstone. 

From June 1 to June 14, a crew of six volunteers sent by the CLAIM (Christian Laymen Assisting International Missionaries) Team worked night and day to put the camp together.

A two-storey building was erected, which houses a kitchen, a cafeteria and chapel space on the first floor, while the upstairs level will serve as one of the dorms for the youth. 

Outhouses were also built, and a log cabin that was already on the camp’s grounds was renovated and will serve as another dorm building.

It’s Christian camp, so we’ll have probably two preaching services: one in the morning and one in the evening. We’ll have all the meals out there. We got the dorms and cabins,” said Featherstone. “During the day, we’ll do some canoeing. It’s right on the bank of the river, so we plan on getting a water slide going that will go right into the river.”

According to Featherstone, the location of the camp is somewhere in the Delta and can only be accessed by boat. 

Volunteers and staff of the First Bible Baptist Church pose outside of the completed camp. Photo courtesy of Reilly Featherstone
Volunteers and staff of the First Bible Baptist Church pose outside of the completed camp. Photo courtesy of Reilly Featherstone

We’re planning to do our first camp the first two full weeks of July of 2020. We’re going to do a senior high age group and then a junior,” he said. “This year, we’re planning to do a couple of team things outdoors with youth group from our church, but next year we’ll have the first official camp where you stay out there for a couple of weeks.”

Youth from communities such as Tuktoyaktuk, Fort McPherson and Aklavik will also be invited out to the camp. 

Once it gets going, people will see that there’s a need for it or that it’s a positive influence for young people,” he said.

In addition to having fun, he added that he hopes that the youth walk away with stronger values.

Just grow in the Lord and develop strong friendships throughout the week,” he said. “I went to a lot of Christian camps when I was a kid. They had a very positive role in my life. I want to have that same impact for the teens in the community here.”

The camp, he continued, is the church’s way of investing in the community and doing something positive for the youth.

I’m looking forward to how the preaching will help the kids make positive decisions in their lives, whether it’s to stay away from bad things or to grow in good things,” he said. “Just to see growth in the young people’s lives.”