With the annual spring harvest a huge success, residents in Paulatuk are looking towards the lakes and sea for their next hunting efforts.

Some Paulatuk residents are taking advantage of the ice receding by going fishing, Mayor Raymond Ruben says.
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Mayor Raymond Ruben said there were at least four hunting camps still in operation that he was aware of but noted most of the focus was moving to fishing as the ice recedes for the summer.

“Others from town are out on a daily schedule for more fishing,” he said. “Our spring hunts went really well. Everybody got their catch full for next winter. Of course, the new norm continues with Covid-19. No public gatherings or activities.”

Ruben noted the community was adjusting well with the Emerging Wisely plan as residents went about their normal routines of being out on the land.

Other celebrations are being looked at on a case-by-case basis. Angik School is still planning to have a celebration for the school’s three graduates, though the ceremony has been postponed for the time being.

Similarly, Inuvialuit Day celebrations were also postponed. Outdoor activities will be held as part of Canada Day celebrations, such as a community barbecue and a fishing derby.

Ruben said the community lucked out a bit with the pandemic occurring during the spring, since a great deal of the outdoor lifestyle people have helps with self-isolation. However, he expressed some concern if the pandemic extends into next winter.

“Other than the public limitations and closures of some facilities, there has not been any other major impact on the people and our community,” the mayor said. “We have been fortunate that it is spring season when the country opens up and replenishes itself, the migrating birds and animals are back, the lakes opening for fishing.

“I am fearful of a season like the winter season coming back and the state of emergency being as it is. This is when we would have more of a challenge to maintain the wellness of every household and the community.”


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