Inuvik barbershop reports break-in, theft


When Styles & Tangles owner Hamza Alhihi arrived at his business on 11 a.m. Saturday morning, he found a broken window and an open door.

Entering the building, he found the cash register missing,  along with an estimated “couple hundred dollars” in cash. Alhihi’s laptop, which had family pictures, was also gone. He later found the cash register outside the business, broken beyond repair.

In addition to the money inside, he estimates the register was worth $400, and the laptop was valued at $500. All things considered, he said costs associated with the incident will likely total $1500.

Styles & Tangles owner Hamza Alhihi at his business on Saturday morning, after finding evidence of a theft. Nick Pearce / NNSL Photo

“(It’s) too bad. Too bad,” Alhihi told Inuvik Drum. “It’s kind of a small business. When I have a thing like this happen, it’s going to give me a hard time.”

RCMP, which did not respond immediately for comment, arrived later that day to take pictures and gather information on the incident. “And that’s it. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said.

The barbershop had security cameras, but their batteries died the week prior, Alhihi said.

He added that he was unsure what will happen next. After seven years of operating the business, this is the first time anything like this has happened to Alhihi.

As of Saturday, his priorities were replacing the window and posting on social media to have his laptop returned.

“I’m hoping (that) anybody knows about who made that, to give us a call, or give the RCMP a call,” Alhihi said. “Today, (it’s) me. Maybe tomorrow, one of my neighbours, (or) another business in town. This kind of job affects the business and also the people. ”


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