First Arctic Development Expo on the way

The expo will feature organizations who are involved in the Arctic's knowledge economy, energy innovation projects and more


The Town of Inuvik will be hosting their first Arctic Development Expo at the Midnight Sun Complex from June 10 to 12.

The expo will showcase local and national organizations and businesses who are involved in various facets of the Arctic’s knowledge economy, energy innovation projects, natural resource development and Indigenous governance.

“The Arctic Development Expo gives us more of an opportunity to welcome people across the Arctic. With development, we can cover all kinds of topics that aren’t just resource based,” said Mayor Natasha Kulikowski.

“Instead of having it as a business to business on the trade show floor making business deals, you have an opportunity to do an exposition and show people what their tech does and give people opportunity to interact.”

An overview of the Inuvik Petroleum Show, June 17, 2004. NNSL file photo
An overview of the Inuvik Petroleum Show, June 17, 2004. NNSL file photo

The Town of Inuvik is hosting and organizing the event, with this year’s tag line being “Northern Realities, Northern solutions”.

Around 15 to 20 organizations will be participating at the expo, which includes the Aurora Research Institute, Energy and Environment from Innovation Norway, the Nuclear Energy Division of Natural Resources Canada, the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and more.

“Part of it is a learning opportunity for us to learn and others to come and learn about the work going on in the Arctic,” said Jackie Challis, the Town’s director of tourism and economic development.

There are some elements of the Expo are free to the public, such as free public admission times to the expo arena on June 11 and 12.

However, community members must registrar online to receive a public pass that will grant them access to many of the expo’s features.

A barbecue at the Inuvik Golf Course will be hosted during the Expo’s opening night. Discussions will be taking place all day on June 11, with the addition of a youth engagement event for high school students that will take place in the morning.

Later that evening, cultural performances and a meal will be hosted in the curling arena. Panel talks will run all throughout the course of the final day of the expo. The event will conclude with a gala dinner and live entertainment from comedian Rob Pue.


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