Swimming pool to be closed until next week


The swimming pool closed for repairs on Jan. 29 and it is expected to remain that way until sometime next week.

“We had a major mechanical failure of the main pool pump,” Stephane Millette, the town’s recreation director, told The Hub on Feb. 7.

“It doesn’t happen very often,” he said of the problem. “What that means is that the water is not circulating and so it can’t be filtered.”

The swimming pool has been closed since Jan. 29 because of the failure of the main pool pump.
Paul Bickford/NNSL photo

Millette explained as water is circulated, chlorine is also added.

“National pool regulations state that water has to be circulating,” he said.

The water pump has been sent out of town to be rebuilt.

Millette said it is expected that the swimming pool will reopen during the week of Feb. 18.

“I think that’s a solid estimate, but it’s depending on the company receiving and working on the pump,” he said.

“If they discover something new, then that might cause a further delay. But we’re pretty confident in being open back up in the week of Feb. 18.”

Millette could offer no estimate of the cost of the repairs.

The unforeseen closure is affecting pool users in a number of ways.

“It did impact swimming lessons that we’re having and we will reschedule those lessons and we will be in contact with people who had signed up for those lessons,” he said.

“It affects people who want to rent the swimming pool for birthday parties and just regular programming in general.”

Millette described it as a “significant” closure.

“So we’re taking advantage of that closure to do maintenance, a little bit of staff training,” he said. “We’re kind of treating it as a seasonal closure.”

Millette said that means doing all the cleaning and maintenance that perhaps don’t get done on a regular basis.

The last seasonal closure at the pool was in the fall.


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