Shari Caudron appointed general manager of Mine Training Society

Hay River’s Shari Caudron is the new general manager of the Mine Training Society, which is based in Yellowknife.
Photo by Bill Braden

Shari Caudron of Hay River has been appointed the general manager of the Mine Training Society.

Caudron’s new role with the Yellowknife-based organization became effective on Oct. 1.

“I am ecstatic about this opportunity,” she said in an e-mail interview with The Hub. “The Mine Training Society has built a strong foundation for training-to-employment initiatives for Northerners. It is ultimately my dream job, as my passion is to empower communities to work in partnership to develop and implement long-term strategies for community wellness and economic development.”

Caudron, the former president/CEO of Collaborative Innovations Inc., is a professional community development facilitator.

She explained that the Mine Training Society’s mandate is, among other things, to maximize an Aboriginal and Northern workforce to the greatest extent possible, to train in all areas of the mining sector, and to support pre-employment programs.

“Mining and the mine sector is the largest driving force for the NWT economy,” she noted. “By delivering training-to-employment opportunities in communities, we serve two purposes: providing industry with skilled workers, and providing residents the opportunity to obtain gainful employment.”

The Mine Training Society has provided seven per cent of the entire Northern workforce in the sector since 2004.

Caudron noted she has over 20 years of experience in developing and delivering effective training-to-employment initiatives, as well as business development.

“My experience working with industry is quite vast, having worked on training-to-employment initiatives from professional theatre to oil and gas, mining, aerospace and many other industries,” she said. “My passion has always been to serve my community. Seeing someone transition from unemployed to a full-time career is what drives me.”

Caudron replaces Hilary Jones as general manager of the Mine Training Society.

Jones will be the part-time associate general manager for the society until her retirement in December.

In other changes to the executive of the Mine Training Society, Iris Catholique has been named the chairperson, while the vice-chairperson will be Henry Zoe. Alan Harman has been given the title of secretary-treasurer.


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