Nadli to seek re-election in Deh Cho

Michael Nadli, the MLA for Deh Cho, which includes the Hay River Reserve and Enterprise, plans to run for re-election in this fall’s territorial election.
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Michael Nadli, the MLA for Deh Cho, plans to seek re-election in the district, which includes the Hay River Reserve and Enterprise.

“I’m going to be running again in the fall 2019 elections,” he told the Hay River Hub.

Nadli said he had to give the decision some thought.

“Of course, it’s a life decision that one has to make,” he explained. “So it was some serious examination in terms of where I’m at in my life and, of course, the well-being and interests of the NWT.”

Nadli has represented the Deh Cho for eight years.

“I think I still have contributions to make, and I like to hold a vision of the NWT that we live in an awesome part of Canada and we have a unique mixture of people – Dene, Inuit, Metis and, of course, non-Indigenous people that make the North their home,” he said. “And I like to ensure that we all get along and make a brighter future for the younger generations that are coming up.”

Nadli noted that he has advocated for small communities and the environment.

“I think we have made some leaps and bounds in terms of ensuring that the small-community perspective was heard within the Legislative Assembly,” he said. “We made some strides in terms of housing, trying to build local capacity to be involved in terms of long-term planning, and ensuring that communities get at least in a position to input the larger NWT Housing Corporation system.”

Nadli said there also needs to be continuous advocacy for jobs.

Plus, he would like to see movement towards an amicable resolution on the unsettled land claim areas of the Deh Cho First Nations and the Akaitcho Territory Government.

As for the Hay River Reserve, Nadli said there needs to be respect and recognition of its unique status as one of just a few reserves in the NWT.

“They have status within the Indian Act. They have status with the federal government,” he noted. “But somehow they sometimes are forgotten in terms of the whole NWT mosaic.”

Nadli said he has not yet heard of any challengers for his seat in the Legislative Assembly.

In the 2015 election, Nadli won the Deh Cho with 40 per cent of the vote in a field of four candidates. His previous election faced controversy after getting out of jail just in time to file nomination papers. He had served eight days of a 45-day jail sentence after assaulting his wife and breaking her wrist. It was his second conviction for assaulting his wife.

Along with the Hay River Reserve and Enterprise, the district also includes Kakisa and Nadli’s hometown of Fort Providence.


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