Tom Makepeace has returned for another year as the chair of the Hay River Seniors’ Society.
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There have been some changes in the leadership of the Hay River Seniors’ Society following the group’s annual general meeting on May 4.

However, Tom Makepeace is returning as chair for his third year.

“It was a successful meeting,” Makepeace said of the AGM and the meeting of the new board immediately afterwards at which members of a new executive were chosen.

Sandra Lester is the new vice-chair, after having been a director for the past year.

Velma Rowe retains the title of treasurer, after having been secretary-treasurer.

Mattie McNeill, who was vice-chair for the past year, is the new secretary.

Makepeace noted that a couple of people also stepped forward to become new directors. They are Lynn Readman and Myrtle Graham.

They will join returning directors Shirley Sloat and Pat Burnstad.

Makepeace noted that the society is allowed up to 10 board members under its constitution and there are eight.

“So that’s real good,” he said.

Makepeace noted that number of people will help spread out the responsibilities of running the society.

“Believe it or not, it’s a pretty busy little operation with the different stuff that we’re trying to get done here,” he said.

In the past, the society has sometimes had difficulty in finding people to serve on the board.

“That’s been true,” said Makepeace. “If you take a look around town, you’re going to see that just about every board has three or four seniors on it and they’re pretty active.”

For example, he pointed to the museum society and the golf club.

“That really is sort of unfortunate for our group because these people are all busy,” he said. “So they’re all doing their own thing and, once you’re involved in one or two organizations, you’re pretty well swamped with being involved with the work.”

About 25 people attended the annual general meeting.

“We’re still looking for input from members on what they would like to do,” Makepeace said.

Aside from the selection of a new leadership, the meeting approved an updated constitution for the society. Among other things, it better defines the roles of board members.

The old constitution was originally approved in 1993.


Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.

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