The new board of directors and executive of the Hay River Chamber of Commerce include, front row, left to right, director Eileen Teng Gross, director Jennifer Grandguillot, president Joe Melanson, holding the declarations of the new board members, and director Anna Crosman, and back row, left to right, first vice-president Terry Rowe, treasurer Steve Anderson, director Joey Jung and director Donna Lee Jungkind. Missing from photo are directors Jane Groenewegen, Leah McFarlane and Jerine George.
Paul Bickford/NNSL photo

The Hay River Chamber of Commerce has selected a new executive and board of directors.

And this year’s executive is much the same as last year.

Joe Melanson remains as president.

Terry Rowe is also back as first vice-president, and Steve Anderson stays on as treasurer.

Returning as directors are Joey Jung, Jane Groenewegen, Eileen Teng Gross and Donna Lee Jungkind.

“I’d like to thank you all for your contributions for 2018 and staying on board for 2019,” said Melanson.

The new members of the board of directors are Jennifer Grandguillot, Leah McFarlane, Anna Crosman and Jerine George.

That means 11 positions of 13 available have been filled on the executive and board of directors.

“So we do have a pretty good slate of executives going forward,” said Melanson. “So I hope things run pretty smoothly, and I think they will.”

The president noted the chamber had another successful year, which included the hiring of new executive assistant Jackie Miersch.

Melanson reviewed the chamber’s events and activities over the past year, including golf tournaments, a fall trade show, an annual gala and the continuing project of renting road signs to businesses and organizations.

One event – a glow-ball golf tournament – was turned over to the Town of Hay River.

It was not a money-making tournament for the chamber, said Melanson. “We always lost money on that event. So it really wasn’t that hard to turn it over to the town. And they want to promote it for tourism and try to keep people coming to the community to do it.”

The chamber president noted the organization has been promoting tourism with the town.

Steve Anderson, the chamber’s treasurer, gave a generally positive report on its finances.

“It’s definitely a good turnaround for the Hay River Chamber of Commerce because 2016 and 2017 were two difficult years financially for the Hay River Chamber of Commerce,” said Anderson, noting the highway signs project has been a blessing for the organization. “That certainly helped the Hay River Chamber of Commerce be financially viable.”


Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.

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