Feds fund local farming, tourism

Northwest Territories MP Michael McLeod, right, announced federal support for the Northern Farm Training Institute (NFTI) during a visit to Hay River on Aug. 16. McLeod made the announcement in a greenhouse with NFTI president Jackie Milne.
Paul Bickford/NNSL photo

Northwest Territories MP Michael McLeod dropped into Hay River on Aug. 16 to announce some federal government funding.

His first stop was at the Northern Farm Training Institute (NFTI) to announce a federal investment into its From-the-Land Food Ambassadors pilot project from the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

“Today, I’ve very proud to announce that the Government of Canada is investing $392,000 to support NFTI’s northern diverse agriculture program. Over the next three years, this project will provide Indigenous market garden entrepreneurs, women and youth with training to become ambassadors to be agriculture educators and mentors in their communities,” said McLeod, speaking in one of NFTI’s greenhouses. “The overall goal is to increase the number of Indigenous-run agricultural business and empower Indigenous communities to improve the food system.”

All the training will be at NFTI.

McLeod added that the funding will help support NFTI for about 40 new youth agricultural programs, growth of about 20 small business and training for about 100 new agricultural entrepreneurs.

The funding is coming from the Agri Diversity Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

NFTI president Jackie Milne welcomed the funding.

“It’s just a small grant, but small, consistent, dependable grants are very important,” she said.

Later in the day, McLeod announced funding of $1,531,800 for six tourism projects in the NWT through the Canadian Experiences Fund, which supports businesses and organizations seeking to create, improve or enhance tourism products, facilities and experiences.

The Town of Hay River will receive $76,000 to support the town’s tourism enhancements and destination marketing strategy.

“I think we all know tourism is a very important sector of our economy and there’s incredible potential for growth here in the Northwest Territories in all regions of our territory,” said McLeod.

The Canadian Experiences Fund directs support to projects in areas of high potential, such as rural, remote and Indigenous tourism.

Hay River Mayor Kandis Jameson noted tourism is an important part of the economy and the funding for the town will help support continued growth in that area.

In addition to the project in Hay River, the following investments were announced:

* $475,000 to the Town of Inuvik for its Joe Koe Tourism Project;

* $390,800 to Ne’rahten Developments Limited for its Fort Good Hope Hotel project;

* $300,000 to the Hamlet of Fort McPherson for a campground project;

* $280,000 to Tourism Tulita Incorporated for biomass-heated chalets;

* $10,000 to Pehdzeh Ki First Nation in Wrigley for a Visitor Information Centre project.


  1. Looking forward to a new Govt this Fall, who believes in working within a budget instead of just running annual deficits and leading Canada towards a TRILLION dollar debt for future generations of Canadians to pay with new and increased taxes like Trudeau’s carbon tax and possible future plastic tax.


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