Dane Mason


    Dane Mason is running to be the policy wonk on city council.

    The manager of policy and strategic planning at the GNWT’s department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, Mason has more than a decade of policy experience, mostly within the territorial government.

    Looking at the last council, I think one of the issues that posed a few challenges for them was not having anyone with a particular expertise in policy and public administration,” Mason said.

    I can definitely help not just bring my own ideas to fruition, but be able to assist any other councillors in taking their ideas and turning those into success stories.”

    The 12-year Yellowknife resident has a slate of ideas for City Hall.

    One is to create a business incubator and innovation hub in town. Another is to fill abandoned lots by implementing a tax regime that encourages development.

    A third is to encourage the development of secondary dwelling units, such as tiny homes or converted garages, on lots that already have homes in order to expand the city’s rental housing stock.

    Mason also want to push the city to make its internal policies public and adopt access to information and protection of privacy rules.

    This election is not Mason’s first rodeo.

    He ran in 2015, but fell 354 votes shy of snagging a council seat.

    In the last campaign, Mason promoted IserveU, a participatory democracy platform aimed at collecting votes from constituents on matters before city council. Mason ran on a promise to vote on motions according to the will of IserveU users.

    IserveU is not playing a role in this year’s election.

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