Welcome back to the eleventh round of this year’s annual Catch of the Week contest! This contest is made possible by our wonderful sponsor, Yellowknife Canadian Tire! Vote for your favorite picture to give them a chance to be the weekly winner and become a semi-finalist! Thanks to everyone who has submitted photos.

This will be the final week for entries. Next week we will do a round feature all the finalist from all 11 weeks, make sure you tune in to pick the grand prize winners!!

Congratulations to this weeks winner, Rylan Scarfe! Check out our final round on Thursday!

a) Daniel Stewart - Caught a 12 lbs Trout on a cisco rig in the Yellowknife Bay on June 30.b) Kyle Evans - Caught a 47 inch, estimated at 28 lbs Northern Pike June 26th on Great Slave Lake.c) Marian Santiago - Caught a White fish weighing about 3 lbs at Pontoon Lake. d) Maria Vielhauer - Caught this fish at the Great Slave Lake last Saturday, it is a Whitefish weighting 9 lbs, measuring 20 inches.e) River Simpson (9 yrs old) - Caught 48.5 " x 28 " Northern Pike , Lam Lake. July 7th, 2019. River’s dad Jeff is in the picture with him.”f) Ryan Gregory - Here is a Big Pike I caught on Canada Day weekend on Great Slave Lake. It was 20+lbs and measured in at 45”.g) Rylan Scarfe - With his 28lb trout from the East Arm.h) Kaden Scott - 6lbs lake trout he caught at Prospers lake Friday with Wolverine phantom