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NNSL Photo/Graphic

Priscilla's Revenge (Greg Nasogaluak, Norm Glowach and Blair Brezinski) is one of the Yellowknife bands that will play at Rockin' the Rocks, a one-day rock music festival at the Folk on the Rocks site Sept. 1. - Laura Power/NNSL photo

Rockin' the rocks

Laura Power
Northern News Services
Friday, July 13, 2007

YELLOWKNIFE - Festival goers in Yellowknife have something new to look forward to, and if Garry Hubert of Aurora Promotions and Productions has his way, it will be an annual event.

Sept. 1 will bring the first Rockin' the Rocks festival, a one-day rock music extravaganza which will feature half a dozen bands.

"I think with the addition of the White Stripes concert... our name has gotten out there and groups do want to come up here," said Hubert, who said he feels Yellowknife is being put on the map musically.

The newest music festival to the city will pilot with a mix of Southern bands such as headliner Hedley and Faberdrive with some popular in-town musicians such as Priscilla's Revenge, Godson and 3 Across Dee Eye.

Hubert said he's "looking to establish a yearly rock festival here in Yellowknife on the September long weekend...and this is going to be our first shot at it, and depending on the response we're hoping to do a number two and a number three and a number four."

There is still space for another band in this year's festival, he said, and a few acts from out of town have expressed interest already.

He explained that Hedley was the right choice for the concert because he believes the band's sound will appeal to the young rock fans in town. He said the enthusiasm and musical style Hedley has is similar to that of the White Stripes, whose concert was a sell-out and a huge hit.

Faberdrive have been touring with Hedley, and also wanted to be a part of this show.

"It's just been a bonus," said Hubert of the addition.

The festival won't only be for the city's youth. Hubert plans to have a beer garden available for adults during event, which is set to take place at the Folk on the Rocks site.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday. Hubert said he is expecting about 2,500 tickets to be up for grabs.